What is YetiStand?

YetiStand is a solid customizable platform for displaying your collectibles. Laser cut out of clear acrylic, these stands will securely display your collectibles in best way possible. Dynamic, or static. Banking or rising.

What do I need?

First, select which stand you want. We currently offer both pegged, and non-pegged versions. The pegged stand has 6 5mm holes cut through the base. These holes are compatible with 5mm pegged items that may have come with your collectible. You may find other uses for the holes, such as mounting the base to your wall.

After selecting which stand you would like, please check out our available adapters. We currently have a wide selection available, but we know we may not have one for what you have in mind to display. Although the stand itself is laser cut out of clear acrylic, the adapters are modeled and 3d printed out of abs in house. We are willing to customize an adapter just for you, so please contact us if we don't have what you are looking for.

Some of your pictures show two items on the same stand. How do I do that?

Along with the stand itself, we also offer a few addon's that can increase the flexibility and diversity of your YetiStand. If you want to put 2 items on display on the same stand, simply add a Dual Arm. If you need a little more reach we also offer an XL arm. If your Yetistand isn't bending the way you want it to, you can add an Elbow. An Elbowwill give you an extra dimension of rotation that you will be glad you didn't go without.

Ok. I am sold, but I still don't know what to order. Can you help me?

We know we are throwing a lot at you, but relax. We understand that it can be confusing with so many options. Please use the contact form on this website with any and all questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is there any assembly required?

YetiStand ships un-assembled. Basic instructions are included with every order. Due to variances in the laser cutting of the acrylic, the base pivot may not fit consistently across every YetiStand. Please try inserting the base pivot into the base from both sides, as one side may fit tighter than the other, before applying the included adhesive feet. For the pegged base you should also check the fitment of the item you wish to peg into the 5mm holes on both sides before applying the included adhesive feet as one side may be smaller than the other. The base pivot may need to be tapped into place. Use a hard surface covered with a towel. Be careful, and exercise caution. Using too much force may damage the acrylic. If the base pivot does not fit snugly you should bond the acrylic base and acrylic base pivot together using an acrylic solvent. If the base pivot is too thick, it can be filed or sanded down to fit.

How does shipping work?

We currently ship domestic, and international using USPS flat rate medium, and small boxes. Up to 10 stands will fit in a medium flat rate box. Ordering more than 10 stands will incur extra shipping charges. If you would like do a group buy for more than 10 stands, please contact us. If you are making a smaller order of just adapters and such or would like to ship a different way, please contact us for a direct shipping quote.